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How to burp the baby properly

Babies sometimes experience bloating after breastfeeding. So that he is not fussy, parents need to know how to burp the baby right to relieve this complaint. If done the wrong way, instead of burping, the baby will feel even more uncomfortable. When the baby suckles, the air can be swallowed and trapped in the digestive tract. This trapped air can cause babies to spit up, bloat, and be fussy because of colic. Burping the baby can help expel air and prevent these problems, so the baby can suckle longer and sleep better. How often do babies need to be buried and how to do it? Actually there is no rule that requires the mother to burp the baby after each breastfeeding. There are babies who need to be buried routinely, but some don't. The mother can try to burp the little one if he seems uncomfortable during or after breastfeeding, or if he suddenly wakes up from sleep and is fussy. This can be caused by colic or bloating. There are several positions you can try to burp your chi
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Overview of Nail Extractions and Treatment

Abnormal nails can cause problems. One way to overcome this is through nail extraction surgery. The type of nail extraction surgery varies depending on the condition of the nail. Finger nails serve to protect the fingertips, help fingers feel something, and play an important role in regulating blood circulation at the fingertips. But if there are problems, the finger nails need to be removed through a surgical procedure. Before the operation is performed, the patient's finger will be anesthetized first, then the nail to be removed will be cut to the bottom. Surgery can be done by pulling out the entire nail, pulling out part of the nail, or removing a portion of the tissue around the nail. When to pull out the nails? Finger nail extraction surgery is one of the surgical procedures that are often done. This action is usually done when the nail is experiencing: Cantengan. Nail fungus infection. Bleeding under the nail due to injury to the finger. Can nails regrow after nai

Overcome Bloating Stomach in Children with the Right Choice of Milk

Flatulence is a normal condition in children, especially toddlers. Although normal, flatulence in toddlers can make him feel uncomfortable and tend to be fussy. Flatulence can be caused by various things, ranging from food, digestive problems, and the amount of gas that is swallowed. Check out the various causes and ways to overcome flatulence in infants. Flatulence is a feeling of fullness in the stomach because it is filled with gas. If your child often burps, expels winds, and has a hard, full stomach, he may experience bloating. To prevent flatulence in infants, you can avoid giving certain foods and habits that can trigger gas in your child. Causes of Bloated Stomach in Children The following are various simple things that can cause flatulence in children, namely: Lots of swallowing air Crying, sucking thumbs, and drinking milk from a bottle can make your child swallow a lot of air. In addition, children who move everywhere when eating, causing more gas trapped in the